Monday, January 25, 2016

Bellefontaine Ohio #15


Sounds like you all had some really full weeks and I can hardly remember what has happened in my week. They days are really starting to blur together and it makes me feel bad because I can't write an in depth letter. But I am happy that all is well back home with you all and that there is no more sickness.

So this week has been a busy one full of meetings that kind of took up some time. So on Monday its P-day until 6 and then it's dark and everyone in Ohio is asleep. Then on Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning which is held in the Pique building and that is an hour drive away one way. So a large portion of the morning was gone that day. Then on Wednesday we went with the Rasmussen's to a world wide mission broadcast in Columbus which went from 11 to 4 plus and hour drive there and back. We went early though because the Rasmussen's wanted to take us to a restaurant called Dur Duchman, which was really good. That was all our meetings

Then on Thursday was Weekly Planning which we started at 10 and went to 6. And that was all the long stuff that made it so we couldn't go out and be missionaries. Despite all this though we got a new Investigator named Hunter. He is a cool guy that is a boyfriend of a less actives non member daughter. We tried to teach them both but she was not really wanting to engaged so that's why we didn't have two new investigators. But then drama set in and he was supposed to be kicked out of the less active part members house, he was living there. But we learned last night that he is still there trying to hide from the daughters parents in the daughters bedroom. So ya it didn't last long but made for a good laugh.

That's really the only other lesson we taught to a member the rest were to less active members. Was a good week though and the mission broadcast from salt lake was awesome and relearned so good stuff. Elder Anderson and I are doing good and he is really funny and full of energy. He is adapting really quickly to mission life and I can tell the members like him, because he knows sports a little to well. I like a couple of families here. The Hollands are a really cool couple that are really funny and nice. Then there is the Ruggieri's who are by far the most missionary minded family I have ever met. Brother Ruggieri is a surgeon and served a mission a couple years back and is the one who is the most mission minded. They have 5 kids though that are really loud and crazy and I am so thankful that you taught me respect and how to behave, because those kids don't. Love this branch and the work but this is by far the hardest area I have been in yet. 

Love you all very much and don't worry about my interviews with President Daines because I look forward to them. I know that he only means the best and I really have grown to love and appreciate his service as a Mission President. He can be intimidating at times but he is also socially awkward at times, to smart for his own good. He also got us new phones! We are now with AT&T instead of sprint, thank you President Daines for being a CEO at AT&T. Better service but worse phones.

Love you all very much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Young

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