Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bellefontaine Ohio #16

Hello Family,

Sorry that I forgot to tell you that this week was transfer week and that I would not be able to email till today. All is well over here and I will spend most likely one more transfer here with Elder Anderson. He is actually not done yet with his training yet he still has 4 more weeks of training and he will be good. Anyway glad to hear that you had a good week last week.

Our week was really good and we have been meeting a lot of nice people who are interested and are telling us to come back. So with luck we will be able to meet with them and teach them the Restoration. We have got several new investigators and we are excited to work with them and see them come closer to our Heavenly Father. One of new investigators is a son of a less active that will be fun to teach because he is very autistic but he wants to be baptized so we will do what we can. Our other new investigators are Alexander and Christina. They are a interesting couple but they are open and interested so we can't ask for more.

Last week we went to Columbus for what is called new missionary follow up training. It was fun and I got to talk to President Daines and we went to the temple which was really nice. Elder Anderson got a chance to go out and talk to people at OSU campus and hand out copies of the Book of Mormon. Really just a cool experience even though I was inside all day being trained. It's really just trainers follow up training.

I don't know what else to say other than I am happy that we are finally being blessed with new people to teach. It's been touch and go but we have been diligent in finding so we are seeing the benefits from that work. I love being here with Elder Anderson and love serving the lord. I hope that you all have a great week and that you stay safe. I will talk to you again on Monday, love you tons.

Elder Young

P.S could dad send me some of his seasoning for meats so I can make some good chicken. Please and Thank you!

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