Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bellefontaine #18

Hello Family,

Sorry for the lateness of the email this week but I have a good excuse and that is that we had a meeting yesterday. We met as a zone and President Daines taught us how to find contact more powerfully and to do it in a creative way. We get into one way of contacting and it's boring for us and for those we talk to. So Elder Anderson and I were called to stand in front of the zone and to role play contacting. It was fun and I took it seriously but I of course was my self and President Daines didn't say anything about me being goofy so I guess he approved. He asked me to do a lot more at his zone conference probably because I'm starting to be one of the older missionaries in the mission.

Weather has been a little cold this last week and it snowed a couple of inches for 3 days and I slide once and it was cool to lose control like that. I went sideways through an intersection but I got control pretty fast and made the turn with out getting close to anything. I almost hitting a deer on Monday night because it was really foggy but other than that it's been a good safe week. No need to worry😀

I can't really tell you what happened this week but that we worked hard and we try to meet with people but it doesn't always happen. We also had to park our car on Friday because we didn't send in our mile log on time. Luckily we had weekly planning and it took all day because of what President Daines has told us how he wants it done. Also it was really snowing that day so we would have been able to get anywhere fast especially because there are not many sidewalks in is town or anywhere in Ohio.

I don't what to say other than that it was a good week full of good lessons and I had a good time. I will have another meeting on Monday and I will have to email you on Tuesday again instead of Monday. This week we have a challenge by President Daines to accomplish some goals that he had us set for our selfs on Monday. So this week will be full of contacting people and getting new   Investigators. We have to give what he has dubbed "millennial moments", which means to give a one minute powerful lesson on a gospel principle. Which is what Preach my Gospel tells us to do when we contact or when we teach. To give brief powerful messages so that we don't lose attention and so that you can be out of a lesson in 44 minutes which is also a Preach my Gospel guideline which is a hard one to live.

I love you all and I hope you all stay safe and that none of you will get sick this week and that you all are safe at work. Hope you all have good missionary moments and that Emma has fun in the mini MTC. Always ask the missionaries how you can help them and keep them accountable by asking them who they are working with. Know that I love you and that I think of you often and your safety. Have a good week and I will talk to you on Tuesday.

Love Elder Young 

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