Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bellefontaine Ohio #19

Hello Family,

Sounds like you had a great week and that you had a lot of exciting things happen. Mom working on a new quilt, dad at work, Emma dating and going to work. You are all very busy! I hope that you aren't all turning into zombies that do the somethings over and over. I guess I can't say anything my life probably changes less then yours what with the mission schedule. Ah life is life and we do what we have to.

This week was a good one as we were challenged by the President Daines to focus on finding as many people as we can and teaching lessons and extending baptism extensions. So we worked very hard on the goals that we set for our selves in those categories and strived so hard to achieve them. We however came up short but we worked very hard and we were very tired this last week. I had a lot of fun with this as we were knocking doors several hours a day as it gave Elder Anderson and I time talk.

Something that is cool that happened is that we learned about how this area is starting to get involved in a church program called Just Serve. It is a cool service program that will give us the opportunity to serve those who live in the areas we serve. It will give people a chance to see a different side of members. It will also give us missionaries another focus and to do service every day and to just be our selves. The told us that while we are out we are not to teach or to try and contact people but to just work and answer questions about the church if we are asked. The main focus is to make friends and if they are interested we set appointments to meet them at there homes.

Anyway that was our week and I am very excited to see how this new program will change how the church is viewed in this area. I think that it will open a lot of doors and let people see that we are normal people that care about our communities. I home that you have a good week and that you are all safe. Also take a look at just serve and see if you can serve in some way in Forest Grove or surrounding towns. Love you all and hope you know that I think about you a lot. Stay safe!


Elder Young

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