Monday, February 29, 2016

Bellefontaine Ohio #20

Hello Family,

Sorry about the whole zombie thing it wasn't very nice, and it was not nice to mention your condition in that way. I love you just the way you are zombie or not. I'm glade to hear that your week went well and that you had some fun activities. Hope you have some fun in your new calling as assistant librarian in the Forest Grove 1st Ward. You all are getting involved in the church one way or another.

Well this week went well but sadly we were not able to have many lessons with investigators it just didn't happen. We also did a lot of good old knocking doors but not many people were interested so no new investigators from that. We however were able to have some really good lessons with less actives and this Sunday we had a large group of less actives that have not come in a long time. So the branch was really excited about that, in branches the best thing you can do is bring less actives back. As well as to find and baptize but less actives can be great finding activities because there friends are not members usually.

Anyway this one family we visited had a dog I really want to get when I get older and I will send you a picture of it. The Larsen's are a great family and Brother Larsen does high end wood work like cabinets and other wood work, his shop was very impressive. I love the members here because they are just great people they just got into some bad habits.

We are working with a family the Heaberlin's and they are great and they want to be baptized but  they have not come to church so we are working on that. They are very nice and have been meeting with missionaries for at least five years if not more but we will be seeing what there commitment level is. I hope they do feel that his is something they want and start progressing toward baptism. Anyway keep them in your prayers.

Love you all very much and hope you have a great week and that you stay safe. Tell Mike good luck for me. Have you been asked to give a talk yet about me on my mission yet? Anyway have a great week!

Love Elder Young

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