Monday, January 18, 2016

Bellefontaine #14

Hello Family,

Well this last week was very cold and full of long trips all over the zone and good stuff like that. This week we went on exchanges and I went to Sidney with Elder Ledingham who is in our district. It was very cold and then we went to interviews with the President Daines on Thursday. It was a full day thing were they taught us how to do weekly Planning, which was good but it was all review because all you have to do is read preach my gospel and it tells you what to do. Plus this week for training was centered on planning and setting goals so Elder Anderson and I were really burnt out by the end of it all. Interviews were good and I wasn't broken down by him this time which was a big relief, I'm not a bad missionary but he will get you on some small things and will make you feel like the scum of the earth with out really saying much of anything.

Really good week though and we worked hard but didn't meet our goals this week. Don't usually make my goals here because people have there agency and all, makes life harder than it needs to be. Anyway today was a good p-day because we went to the Ohio Caverns which was nice because it was 54 degrees in the cavern. Nicer then the 8 degrees with a -17 wind chill factor. Went with a dry Mormon named Mike Davis who takes us out to eat once a week, he lives in Kenton which is about 17 miles away. Was really cool to see all the crystals and for the warmth.

Our heater has been on the fritz the past couple of days, woke up this morning and it was 60 in the apartment! We are going to to get to the bottom of it all soon so that we can be warm. Anyway hope you are all well back home and stay healthy and don't get sick, take your vitamins that mom gives you. I miss you all very much but not the 10 pills mom gave me every morning 😋. Stay warm! Love y'all.

Elder Young

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