Monday, March 14, 2016

Bellefontaine Ohio #22

Hello Family,

I was thinking about sending another video but my iPad has a lot of problems with sending videos, the church's wifi is not the best. I'm glad to hear that you liked my video though and that you are all feeling better and not sick. I'm also excited for Emma and her trip to Utah. I had a great week as well and hope to answer all your questions.

This week was really good and we were able to get a lot of good lessons with some part member families and also there were no unexpected meetings. we are now teaching a girl named Kaylien as well as a boy named Nick and his brother Jonathan. We are also been working on the opportunity to teach a girl named Ashlee who is a step sister to Nick and JonJon. We were able to get Kaylien to activities and  she said she had fun but she didn't really talk to anyone. They are all doing good but they are all at very basic levels of understanding of God and religion in general but we are working on them. They all came to church and I think that they had fun which was great.

The funny thing about who we are teaching is they are all related to each other. Kaylien is second cousins with Nick and JonJon through there moms. Ashlee is related to Kaylien through her dad and Ashlee's dad some how. We are slowly working on these families and are getting there parents to church. Kaylien's mom has been less active for a long time but she came to church this Sunday and hopefully she continues to come. But there is a weird family friction but I think that she is slowly working past it, I hope.

Anyway those are the people we are working with and it has been fun because they are almost always home so we can see them everyday which is what we are suppose to do. Now on to the other questions you had which was about our big knifes. Well they were really cheap for there size and Elder Anderson wanted a knife because I have a few. So we went to the store in town that sells things that may have been damaged is shipping and they sell a wide variety of knifes. So we went and got the big knifes that were not even the biggest knifes they sell there. It was just another way to bond with Elder Anderson plus I just have a thing for big knifes.

You also asked if I am in touch with Ammon, Nolan, and Preston while I have been out on the Mish. I have not really kept in contact with all of them the best, but mainly I have kept in touch with Nolan. Preston involves me in his weekly email I just forget to email him back. Nolan is the best at responding to my emails. Ammon has not responded to very many of my emails so I have just stopped emailing him. I will make a better effort at emailing them.

Now the fun things that happen this week while we were out doing our normal everyday work. We went to a town that we knew had a dairy farm so that Elder Anderson could talk to them. The farmer was really nice and gave us a tour of there farm which was a robotic farm which was really cool. They had the robot milkers that clean the cow and place the suckers on. They told us that it has doubled there milk production. They had about 80 cows so they were a small dairy farm. They make there money from feed because they own and run 3000 acres. Probably grow mainly corn and soy. That was one interesting experience.

The other experience was that we went and saw one of our older investigators and met her transgender brother. I may have accidentally insulted him. We went over and she said we could come in because there was another male in the house. When we went in there was a girl sitting at the computer facing away from us. I later was confused about who the other male was in the house. So I asked and she pointed at the what I thought was a girl and said my brother. It was a little weird and I hope I didn't insult any one because that was not my objective. Oh and I know he is a transgender because on an earlier visit she told us about him, not just a cross dresser.

Anyway I'm happy to hear from you and hope that you have a great week and that Emma does good on her finals. love you all very much and wish you a great week.

Elder Young

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