Monday, December 21, 2015

Bellefontaine #10

Hello Family,

Well this week has been a lot of fun what with getting a trainee and the stress that but on my body. I'm doing good now and am having a lot of fun with Elder Anderson who is my new baby boy! He is from Newton Utah the same town as Elder Larsen. Elder Anderson is also a dairy farmer and is a lot of fun once he warmer up to me. The first day the poor guy was like a deer caught in someone's head lights. He is doing better now and we are doing really well.

So before the transfer meeting we meet the trainees that are coming in and role play with them. I guess after we role played and left the room Elder Anderson wanted me or an other missionary as his companion. So that was cool that he liked me from the very beginning. Since he has been here we have not had many lessons and we have been doing a lot of finding and we have been met with little success. He is staying strong though but he like all trainees is already counting down the days.

Sorry for the late notice on the skype call info, we will have dinner at a members home at 5 and we maybe done by 6 so the call will be at 6 sometime. So if you are in Utah that will be at 4, Oregon 3. Yes you can email me the information any day before then. I can receive and read emails all through the week I just can't respond to them till Monday.

I guess I will give the new thermals a go and see how they hold up to the dryer. So far most of my stuff is doing ok with the high heats except my sweaters they shrunk a little. It had to be done though, oh and we will be getting new mattress and box springs and new furniture soon. I just need to get some bed bug shields. So far I have not been able to find any. Can you look for some for me, you might get a better deal than I will. 

Having fun on the mission just trying to stay warm and to stay bug free. It will be warming up soon which makes me happy. It's going to be a warm Christmas in Ohio with no snow in Bellefontaine. Hope you all have a great week and safe trip to Utah if that happens and a happy Christmas. Oh ya by the way I'm the designated driver, pray for us to survive my driving. Love ya!

Love Elder Young

Elder Young and Elder Anderson

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