Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bellefontaine #8

Hello Family,

This week went really well and I had a lot of fun and had some fun meetings with people. So the apartment got sprayed early in the morning on Wednesday and hope worked and they are all dead but only time will tell. I have all my stuff still in bags, we'll all but a few shirts and my bed sheets. I'm looking into getting bed covers that bed bugs can't crawl through, it's going to hurt the budget but it has to be done. That's what's up with that problem.

So this week we have been out and had some good meetings with people and felt the spirit. My favorite visit was to these potentials named Rich and Melissa Reynolds who we have meet one other time had us over for dinner. They are very nice and are curious but talk a lot and so we can't really teach them with out interrupting every few minutes. Rich is however reading the Book of Mormon and is retaining what he reads. So we are interested to see how that goes. Oh and for dinner we had venison which was really good because the deer here eat the corn and the soy from the fields. One funny thing that happened during dinner was there 2 year old grandson was running around naked, just one of those funny awkward moments of the mission.

We were not able to make our goals but we were able to have some great lessons anyways and we were trying to as hard as we could to make them. Goals are hard to set when there out come is dependent on the availability of others that are workaholics. But we try none the less. One cool thing is that we will be able to confirm Summer on the same day as her baptism which was a big answer to our prayers. Convert confirmations are suppose to be on Sunday's so the whole branch can be there but the President Daines said we could do it the same day because her mom was a member. We are just going to confirm with President Daines and then we will have talk to Summer and her mom. We are very excited!

Been a good week and the weather has been great and we have been very warm. When I got here last winter it was freezing cold and we are having light jacket weather lately. So either it's going to be a warm winter or we are about to get smacked hard with some terrible weather. Anyway hope you all have a great week and don't wear yourselves into the ground with projects. Thank you for the package you are sending. Love you lots!


Elder Young

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